Dr. Michael L. Gerdine

Dr. Michael L. Gerdine

Dr. Michael L. Gerdine, a native St. Louisan, has been a licensed chiropractor since 1999. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Human Biology in 1997 and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan College of Chiropractic in 1999. In June of 2000, Dr. Gerdine established West End Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center, specializing in chiropractic, acupuncture, sports rehabilitation, wellness and personal injury. In 2016, he studied in Beijing, China, under the world-renowned Dr. Zhu.

Dr. Gerdine has a heart for service to the community beyond his private practice: he has been a member of the Missouri State Board of Health and a commissioner of the St. Louis City Police Department. He also followed his passion in serving the children of the Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Louis.

Dr. Gerdine is an expert in chiropractic care, nutrition, diet counseling, stroke rehabilitation and personalized physical fitness. Dr. Gerdine is dedicated to customizing individual care plans that assist each patient in obtaining optimum health. His focus and drive for perfection ensure that all patients who visit West End Chiropractic are educated on their personal treatments and provided the opportunity to increase their quality of life.

Throughout Dr. Gerdine’s 20 years of practicing chiropractic, his patients have sought him out for conditions ranging from headaches to cancer, diabetes to strokes, neuromuscular re-education to removing wrinkles.

As a former athlete, Dr. Gerdine has always been attuned to the human body. His expertise means he’s frequently sought out to treat everyone from novice youth competitors to St. Louis’ own professional athletes at West End Chiropractic.

Never a fan of medication, Dr. Gerdine exhausts all avenues of conservative treatment, starting with the keystone of care that is so often neglected in today’s healthcare: establishing a doctor-patient relationship and listening to the patient. Dr. Gerdine is determined, through chiropractic, to demonstrate his philosophy: the power that made the body heals the body.

Dr. Gerdine knows that to provide excellent chiropractic care to St. Louis he must surround himself with other top-notch chiropractors and staff that have a passion for what they do. He has been ranked as one of the top doctors in St. Louis for the past eight years and has been interviewed by multiple news anchors and radio hosts.

When Dr. Gerdine is not seeing patients or volunteering in the community, he is an avid car collector and enjoys spending time with his grandchildren and playing the piano.

Dr. William McGilberry

Dr. William McGilberry

Dr. William McGilberry was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA.  After high school, he accepted a football scholarship to Kansas Wesleyan University in order to further his educational and athletic goals. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology, with a Chemistry minor, in 2001. After graduating, Dr. McGilberry spent the next 12 years in the United States Army. While serving our country as a biological technician at some of the country’s most prestigious research facilities, he completed his Associate in Science in Medical Technology, published several scientific articles, and spearheaded the only aviation accident investigation unit in the military. His military career ended prematurely due to a low back injury; with his service complete, he enrolled in the chiropractic program at Logan University, where he obtained his B.S in Human Biology, B.S. in Human Anatomy, and his Doctorate.  Dr. McGilberry joined the West End Chiropractic team in June of 2018.

Dr. McGilberry has always been one to help others. While completing his studies at Logan he was accepted into a revolutionary program as a chiropractic intern at the Veterans Administration at Jefferson Barracks. Striving to help others meet their goals in any way possible has always been one of his biggest  aspirations, in order to serve the community that shaped so much of his character. Dr. McGilberry’s goal is to deliver excellent results and help change as many lives as possible through patient-centered, quality care. 

Dr. McGilberry is excited to put down roots here and promote the benefits of chiropractic to St. Louis and the surrounding community. He’s most grateful for the guidance, mentorship, and friendship of Dr. Gerdine and Ms. Terry.